What Makes CAC DUI Classes Different?

We are not here to judge, we are simply here to help. In all of our DUI classes, the staff at Colorado Addictions Consulting works very diligently to maintain a non-judgmental, all-inclusive and compassionate setting. Our mission in our DUI classes is to transform lives impacted by drug and alcohol adversities through a proven, evidence-based and comprehensive curriculum. We offer culturally diverse acceptance and the belief that all people want to have good experiences and should be treated with dignity and respect. We understand that when life’s decisions cause us to stumble, everyone should have an opportunity to not only re-evaluate or decision making processes but also be afforded the opportunity to right our wrongs.

With over 17 years experience, our counselors incorporate your historical information, current situations and the events surrounding your DUI to develop a  strong treatment plan and a course of action to help you meet the requirements of the DMV, Colorado Office of Behavioral Health and the Court system and hopefully help you regain some form of driving privilege after completing your DUI classes.

Helping you fit the pieces together with all DUI classes

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We Can Help

When you're working through your DUI Classes, it's very important that your supervising agencies are aware of your progress. We work very closely with your supervising agent, your attorney, the DMV and the Colorado State Office of Behavioral Health to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. Because we understand that each clients situation is different and unique, we provide several evaluation options which allow us an opportunity to gather the information needed to make the most informed and accurate substance use treatment recommendations.

CAConsulting prides itself in keeping a small counseling practice atmosphere which enables us to provide group and individual services tailored to your specific needs.


Next Step...

To get started on your DUI classes, give us a call at (720) 379-6590 to schedule your intake and assessment. You can also email through our contact us page This typically takes about 1 1/2  to 2 hours where you will fill out paperwork and speak with one of our counselors so we can get you started.  Our Services page will give you more information about what is required for the various tracks.