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Adolescent Substance Use Counseling

M. Beth Baldwin

One of the biggest challenges facing our youth today is substance abuse. Experimentation and continued use are commonly driven by peer pressure, social media, and self-medication. M. Beth Baldwin, our supervising counselor, is a Nationally Accredited Addictions Counselor who is exceptionally effective at connecting with youth. Beth has worked with high-risk youth for over 20 years. Her career experience has taken her deep into the juvenile judicial system and has also allowed her to work with hundreds of adolescents dealing with drug and alcohol issues.

Beth has a unique ability to gain the trust of her young clients which is part of her incredible success. She combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with her extensive knowledge of how substances affect a developing brain. She educates her client, helps them develop coping skills and teaches them how to make preventative planning strategies to avert destructive behavior. Beth uses her vast understanding of the impact of substance use on evolving minds, her motivating ability to connect with adolescents and evidence-based techniques to help your child create positive choices for more optimistic outcomes.

Throughout her career, Beth has worked with a wide variety of socioeconomic sectors and diverse cultures. She is an African American counselor who specializes in culturally specific counseling approaches with minority clients.