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Level I Education Classes

If you receive a Level I DUI verdict you will need to complete 12 hours of Impaired Driving Education classes over a minimum of six (6) weeks of consecutive 2-hour classes.

There will not be a Therapy Track assigned for Level I DUI offenses.

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Level II Track B Therapy

B Track is usually assigned to a first time offender with a B.A.C. above .15 or a refusal for a breathalyzer test or blood test. It consists of 52 hours of group participation over 26 consecutive weeks. This is achieved by attending one, 2 hour session per week for 26 weeks.

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Level II Track F Therapy

If you've been arrested for 4 or more DUI's, you may assigned a Level II 4 Plus, or Level F, Track Therapy.  Any previous DUI, from any State, and no matter how old the citation is, will be included in the consideration of which Track you will be assigned.  Any felony or vehicular homicide conviction will play a part as well.

Probation officers may choose to assign this Track if they feel an individual could benefit from this intensive program even though they have not had 4 DUIs.

This Track consists of a minimum of 180 hours over a minimum of 18 months.  Because of the nature and way this particular program has been created, if you are required to go through this platform, you will most likely not go through the traditional Level II DUI Education classes or Track Therapy.


Level II Education

If you receive a Level II DUI verdict, you will need to complete 24 hours of Impaired Driving Education classes over a minimum of twelve (12) weeks. Once the Level II education classes have been completed, you will need to finish a specified number of therapy classes which will be based on the track you were assigned.

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Level II Track C Therapy

C Track is usually for someone with a prior DWAI/DUI, BUI or FUI with a B.A.C. below .15. It consists of 68 hours of group participation over 34 consecutive weeks. This is achieved by attending one, 2 hour session per week for 34 weeks.


Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a carefully arranged approach to teaching recovering clients how to identify and manage relapse warning signs. This technique is a cognitive-behavioral approach to recidivism. The goal of this work is recognizing and preventing high risk situations such as substance abuse, anger management or alcohol dependence.

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Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) is also a one-on-one treatment designed for someone who needs additional help in overcoming detrimental behaviors. Just like EOP, the supervising agent or our agencies counselors will determine if IOP would be beneficial for a client. IOP is more in-depth than EOP and typically longer in it's duration. Also like EOP, Intensive Outpatient Therapy will be completed before education or track therapy can continue.

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Level II Track A Therapy

A Track A is usually given to a first time offender with a B.A.C. below .15. It consists of 42 hours of group participation completed over 21 consecutive weeks. This is achieved by attending one, 2 hour session per week for 21 weeks.

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Level II Track D Therapy

D Track is usually given to someone who has a prior DUI, with a B.A.C above .15 or a refusal for a breathalyzer test or blood test.  It consists of 86 hours of group participation over 43 consecutive weeks. This is achieved by attending one, 2 hour session per week for 43 weeks.


Enhanced Out Patient Therapy

Enhanced Outpatient Therapy (EOP) is a one-on-one treatment, that can be assigned by either your supervising agent, or our agency's counselor.  EOP will begin once it's determined to be necessary. If Education Classes or Therapy Groups have been started, they will be put on hold and EOP will begin. Once the EOP has been completed, the previous treatment will begin again.  The number of hours the EOP has will be determined by the person who ordered the EOP and shall be finished over a minimum of 90 days.


What make us different...

Whether it's a 6 week Level I education class or a 43 week Level II Track D therapy group, you'll be spending quite a bit of time with us. That's why our counselors are constantly changing things up in their classes. Watching appropriate videos on our 42" smart TV,  interactive activities, group discussions, dynamic educational material and a non-judgmental atmosphere help keep things fresh and interesting.

How We Can Help You Get There....

Colorado Addictions Consulting (CAConsulting) is licensed by the Colorado State Office of Behavioral Health to conduct Impaired Driving Education Classes, Level II Track Therapy Groups and Level II 4+ assignments. Enhanced Outpatient Therapy (EOP) and Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) sessions are also available.

Clients will receive credit for completed classes and therapy with the Colorado Court System as well as the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

We participate in using State and DMV systems that communicate your participation in our program with your supervising agents, the DMV and the Courts.  These systems are updated within 24 hours of your class.  This ensures you have immediate credit for what you've completed.

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We've Got This


We want you to succeed! That means making sure we're doing things right and staying in compliance with the Office of Behavioral Health, the DMV and the Courts. It also includes getting you additional resources you may need and keeping classes and groups engaging. With you doing what you need to do and us doing what we need to do, we will help you get across the finish line.

Team Work!

You don't have to go through this alone. Colorado Addictions Consulting (C.A.Consulting) will be working closely with your attorney, your supervising agent and the Courts to make sure you have everything you need to complete your DUI requirements.  We work diligently with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (the folks that set the rules) to ensure that we are up to date and compliant with them to ensure you'll have everything you need regarding your DUI classes and/or therapy.

Next Steps...

Give us a call at (720) 379-6590 to schedule your intake and assessment.  This typically takes about 1 1/2  to 2 hours where you will fill out paperwork and speak with one of our counselors so we can can get you started