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What You Need To Know Before Going Into a DUI Evaluation

Things You Should Know Before Going In For A DUI Evaluation

In a case that involves substance use, the court may order a drug and alcohol Assessment or Evaluation. The difference between an assessment and an evaluation is a common question. Simply put, “an assessment is the process of fairly and objectively understanding the state or condition of a thing by observing and measurement its given data. An evaluation is the process of observing and measuring a thing for the purpose of judging it and determining its “quality,” either by comparing it to similar things, or to a standard. In short, passing judgement on it as a part of a controlling process.”

The purpose of a specialized and professional assessment or evaluation is to determine if a problem exist and if so, how severe it is and lastly, what level of intervention might be needed.

To develop a starting point the evaluator normally proceeds by asking basic questions about your alcohol and or drug history, past and current. Most times, standardized questionnaire tools which have been tested and designed for use by substance use disorder professionals are used to gather this information. Some evaluators  might have you answer family and social questions that are not related to your substance use. Such questions are intended to find out more about you, your family and those you regularly associate with.

Additionally, evaluators could ask to speak with someone from your work. Their intention is to match up your regular behavior verses what you report happened that caused the DUI or Drugged Driving charge. In short, they are looking to see if there is incongruencies between what you are self-reporting to them and what others say about you. They want to determine if you are lying to them or not. These questions are also intended to measure credibility/believability. Good credibility goes a long way when final recommendations for ongoing treatment are being determined.

Typically, most assessments/evaluations last between 60-90 minutes and cost between $100.00 and $500.00 dollars depending on the complexity of the issues involved. It is important to remember that it would be in your best interest to start this process immediately after becoming aware of the court requirement. Remember, pro-active responses to court orders could demonstrate to the court and the prosecution that you are not only trustworthy but that you take your responsibilities serious. Finally, don’t panic, gather as much information as you need to help you approach the assessment or evaluation process in a calm and relaxed manner. Contact:

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  1. I’m glad you talked about starting the evaluation right after knowing the court requirement. My brother got a DUI a couple of weeks ago and now has to take the assessment for it and he’s worried that he will fail. I’ll have to send him this article so he can be fully prepared to pass it.

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